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Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 150 Titanium Powershift Review – Two years after its launch in the United States, the Mondeo finally comes to jostle among family. At its elegant grille “on Aston Martin”, the big Ford adds an attractive price / performance ratio.

As a reminder that the English still his pharmacy in 2007, Ford’s Mondeo embellished a calender Aston Martin, almost. A “pumping” in good standing whose brand Gaydon does not seem to affect him adversely. Pretty masterstroke in any case, the Mondeo with some class. If interior design is less dramatic, the care taken in the finish is satisfactory. Not to mention the endowment, the more complete that Ford is launching in two finishes, Business NAV and Titanium. The version tested here is a Titanium features the Ultimate leather package, which integrates including active suspension, the latter being not only proposed. Too bad, because it allows you to enjoy an almost programmable Mondeo to the card. Indeed, all three available settings, Comfort, Normal or Sport, really make the difference.

Comfort in position, it clears the majority of bumps in the road, appears soft at low speed, very comfortable on the road, but it then proves imprecise cornering, due to a significant body roll, a Therefore weight and direction sensitive to unbalance. There have been better at Ford. In Normal mode, the maintenance is much better, and roll, control. As for the position Sport, it greatly restricts body movements, providing a precision that allows for a driving sustained effectively, as the rear axle follows gently curved entry. Also positioning the dual-clutch transmission in Sport, reports are kept longer in order to make the most of the 150 hp diesel and maintain a good pace, without having to operate the paddle shifters, the manual mode being neither more effective nor fast. But this sedan is primarily family and therefore facing welfare. In addition to the suspensions, soft and adaptive transmission part in the sense of comfort, as well as the quality of the seats and seating, generous space in the front and rear or soundproofing. Except at idle where it buzzes and aspen (Stop & Start addresses this concern, but restarts are brutal), the 2.0 TDCi is remarkably discretion, even more noticeable as air and road noise are well dominated.

Advantage of Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 150 Titanium Powershift
lively engine
Quick as a flash box
Incisive and precise steering
Player behavior and easy

Disadvantage of Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 150 Titanium Powershift
– Suspension driven only available with a pack
Stop & Start brutal
Motor humming at idle

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