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Volvo V40 Cross Country – Overview

Volvo V40 Cross Country Reviews – With its little station wagon, the Volvo V40 is well suited to the adventurer attributes. Turn to the Cross Country version can be tempting, even if it costs € 1,990 more with this high-end D4 diesel (March 2015 prices). And adding the Geartronic 8, the invoice and reached € 35,270 or € 41,710 for our Xénium luxurious finish. But the 190 hp four-cylinder diesel bring performances that are among the best in the segment: 5.5 seconds to go from 80 to 120 km / h Drive is the level of a Volkswagen Golf GTD DSG. Rather well supported here by an automatic with eight soft and reactive ratios, Volvo block is more available than the five-cylinder engine that preceded it. It is also much more sober, despite its additional 13 hp 6.4 l / 100 km on average, instead of 7.8 l / 100 km before (with manual transmission). However, the 4-cylinder stamp is less pleasant, and rumblings are too present acceleration. It also regrets that the retrograde box too frequently and sometimes it does little to engine braking downhill.

As for the motor, it is easy to find fault, and not have to make up four-wheel drive: this choice is reserved to the most powerful petrol engines. Despite its enhanced ground clearance of 4 cm, the Cross Country is a little more rustic V40 classic. But we find the same qualities as the soothing interior and neat, and also the same defects as a poor turning circle, or a rear cabin space and a limited amount of trunk … which can lead to appreciate the roof bars provided in series. The chassis is he, far from rivaling that of a Peugeot 308, both by its effectiveness, just average, than by its comfort. The suspensions absorb indeed badly small bumps in the road, whether low speed or at a higher pace. The V40 Cross Country nevertheless proves interesting, especially since alternatives are few. Most of the time, only real breaks, larger, have the right to take such an array of adventurous.

Volvo V40 Cross Country Reviews conclusion

beautiful simplicity
Reactive automatic transmission
Well presented dashboard

limited motor skills
perfectible comfort
Poor turning circle
engine growling

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